Will Bill Cosby’s conviction be overturned?

Going into this case I decided that I truly only wanted one answer to one question. Here is what I received.

***Disclaimer: For entertainment purposes only***


Question: Will Bill Cosby’s conviction be overturned?

Answer: Immediately I received an answer without even touching the cards. The answer I received was “No Cosby must serve his time.” At this point I was pretty sure that I didn’t  need to flip any cards because I had already received my answer, set in stone, but I decided to card flip anyways. Here are the results.

  • Cosby will only exhaust himself in this situation.
  • Trying to get the conviction overturned is not Cosby’s doing.  He is being manipulated into believing that there is something that he can do. He can’t. His time must be served.
  • Cosby is quite gullible at this time and he is out of ideas. There is a friend who is,  probably not purposefully, manipulating Cosby into believing that there is hope.  This person seems to be just going through the motions with Cosby. I sense this friend does mean Cosby well.
  • Cosby feels bored, restricted, and restless. He thinks a lot about his younger years. He’s experiencing a lot of “Cabin Fever” at this time and could experience a mental breakdown soon as the sentence is too much for him to bear. He also seems afraid of what might happen to his wife because of the current disruption in the home. Cosby’s wife may also be apart  of convincing Cosby to have his case retrialed or, at the very least, she is playing a part in helping (maybe with paperwork of some sort). She is also up worrying most nights.


Cosby would much rather be dead than to serve his time which may very well happen, in the near future, with a mental breakdown. I personally would suggest Cosby either draw a whale—-yes a damn whale I said, to put on his cell wall or even carry one in his pocket if he is allowed to do so. This will help to stabilize and balance his mind as his meltdown could be fast approaching. His friends, in jail, are helping but this is not enough to keep his meltdown at bay. He needs more. He needs more energy. The second thing that I would suggest to Cosby  is to use as much time as he is allowed to in the prisons library learning about the ancient knowledge of whales and dolphins as his time will surly not be wasted in doing so. He will find “honey” in this spot. He would also do well to read upon the ancient knowledge of bees and the type of flowers and plants they are attracted to. If this is done, by spring , Cosby could see a big difference in his quality of life and how he feels about his situation.


Cosby would also do well not to discuss ANY of his findings during his studies. He is not to even discuss the what or the why. No questions should be answered as it pertains to this knowledge as ancient knowledge is usually scared so this makes perfect sense to me.


I can see, in the cards, that Cosby would most likely believe these actions to be ridiculous and a total waste of his time. One reason being is because he is holding on mentally to what he believes his freedom should look like or even how it should come about. I can also see that he’s pretty set in his ways of thinking and doing. He must recapture the essence of his youth in order to see the gift he is being offered. Furthermore it could detrimental to his health if he does not learn to recapture his youth. Simply put the prison library should be Cosby’s only concern at this time.